What I do

Video editing

Editing video and filming video

Logo Design

I make logo designs for your business

Love t-shirt design

I like making designs for tees and you can even buy one in my shop.


My Way of Viewing

Bromo Indonesia

Video Editing

Leids Bolwerk

Logo Design

Dans met me mee

Cover for song

Gampang Eye

Design a moneybill


Logo Design


Website Design


When I began

  • Some where begining of the 80's

    My Young Creative ideas

    I love to think and be creative, love to draw and love doing crafts. I always watched crafts shows and every weekend I watche Transformers.

  • Sneaker Love in the 90's

    When I Played BBall

    When I first put some J's on I was hooked. Thats why I love shooting photo's of sneakers.

  • Being digital

    I love to be creative on a computer

    Love to be digital creative by drawing thinks and love photo to shop.

  • Just Be Part
    Of My


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